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Tally Course in Aligarh

Tally Course in Aligarh

Introduction to Tally

Tally Course in Aligarh programme that is used by both small and large businesses to keep track of their finances. It is an accounting software that allows you to complete all of your banking, reviewing, and bookkeeping tasks with the help of the software. The Count Course is a 90-day, traditional-based programme.

Menu of Company Information Tally Course in Aligarh

  • Choose a business.
  • Company has been closed.
  • Make a business
  • Change your business.
  • Control of security
  • Tally vault should be changed.
  • Data from different
  • companies is
  • separated.
  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Tally’s audit function

Information on Accounting Tally Course in Aligarh

  • Accounting Features & Configuration
  • Formation of a Group
  • Creating Multiple Groups
  • Creating a Ledger
  • Creating Multiple Ledgers
  • Making a New Voucher
  • Creating a Ledger in Advance

Information on the Inventory

  • Configuration and features of inventory
  • inventory. Menu
  • Groups of stocks
  • Stock classifications
  • Unit of measurement for stock item
  • Material bills of sale
  • Godowns / Locations
  • Batches and Expiry Dates
  • Types of inventory vouchers
  • Updates to the HSN Code

Entry by Voucher

  • Voucher for accounting
  • Voucher for inventory
  • (optional & non-accounting vouchers)
  • Order processing
  • Voucher entry in advance


  1. Display financial statements (display balance sheet, configure balance sheet, integrate accounts with inventory, manually set closing stock in balance sheet using various stock valuation methods)
  2. Display profit and loss A/c (instead of P&L, configure profit and loss A/c, income/expense statement)
  3. Show the trial balance (configuring in trial balance)
  4. Show sales registers, purchase registers, cash books, bank books, journal registers, day books, and statement of accounts (display sales registers, purchase registers, cash books, bank books, journal registers, day books, and statement of accounts) Read more

Introduction to GST

  1. GST stands for Goods and Services Tax.
  2. The GST rate 
  3. Other countries’ GST
  4. GST classifications
  5. Other notions.

GST (Goods & Services Tax)

  1. Tally is a good place to start. GST Compliance with ERP9
  2. GST Registration for Your Business
  3. Establishing GST Rates
  4. GST Compliance: Updating Stock Items and Stock Groups
  5. GST Compliance: Updating a Service Ledger
  6. GST Compliance: Updating Sales and Purchase Ledgers
  7. GSTIN (Party Identification Number) Update
  8. GST Ledgers: How to Make Them
  9. Creating Ledgers for Income and Expenses
  10. Recording Sales and Printing Invoices
  11. Keeping Track of Purchases
  12. Keeping Track of Tax Payments
  13. Nil rated sales,
  14. Exemptions, Special Economic Zones, and Deemed Export
  15. Keeping Track of Sales Returns
  16. Keeping Track of Purchase Returns
  17. Obtaining a Customer Advance Receipt
  18. Making a Payment in Advance to a Supplier
  19. Keeping Track of Journal Vouchers for Tax Credit Adjustments
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